Plants for Cats est maintenant disponible en Français

Dernière mise à jour le May 24, 2021

We have been busy working on a new feature recently: translating Plants for Cats in French! Let's check what are the changes with it.

How to switch?

The language can be changed using the dropdown selector at the top of the drawer/menu. If you are on a computer, we updated the behavior of the drawer to be displayed by default. If you are on a small screen, phone or tablet, the drawer is still hidden by default to save space for the main content. Simply click on the top right of the screen, on the menu/burger icon.

What's done and what is missing

As of now, most of the interface is translated. By that, we mean the page's titles, all the texts here and there to guide a user, the links, and the drawer. We also translated some static content, including the emergency page, the contact details, and the presentation.
The next step is to translate dynamic content. By that, we mean translating the news and articles - yes, this news is still in English only... - but also the plants' details. That last step will request a bit of time as we cannot simply translate the common names, they are rarely a literal translation. We need to find the French-specific common names and nicknames, a lot of discovery ahead!

Translation on social network

Translating the content shared on social networks is trickier. For now, we decided to maintain a translation only on Facebook. They provide a convenient interface to translate ourselves a post content. However, we won't produce duplicated images and videos. This means the media will still be in English.
Regarding Pinterest, as we post media only, we will keep it in English. About Twitter, they do not provide a feature to translate a textual post. The workaround would be to create a new account, which is quite heavy in our point of view and we don't have the capacity to maintain that additional account properly for now.

Social network and images

Aside from translating Plants for Cats, our activity on social networks intensified.
We are still sharing a new plant every day and some discussions. On top of that, we share some cute pictures of cats with a caption, hoping to put a smile on your face. And lastly, we also started creating some cards using Canva. A card is also about a plant, but with an attractive and colorful design.
I already mentioned Canva in the previous news, I let you check the tool details there.
On Pinterest, we also created a lot of cards there, catching up with all the daily plants. As of now, already 86 plants have been posted on Pinterest!