Nouveau Design - Découvrez Plants for Cats 2.0

Dernière mise à jour le May 28, 2021

Good day everyone, and welcome to reading the first news of the year. We had to take a break but we are lightly active again.
And we decided to restart with a major surprise: Plants for Cats v2!
If you knew the website before, you will notice the interface is significantly different. This is what kept us busy for the past weeks.
It's not fully stabilized, so the header will keep the tag "beta" for now. There are still some parts to be migrated and it will come one after another.

A bit of show off on the changes

In general, we updated the colors for a paler design, less grey for more white. Using more pictures and leaving more space between all the items.

Landing page

Screenshot of the landing page

Our home page increased, more spacious to give time to go through the information. The recent updates are highlighted as well.

Search result

Screenshot of the search page with results

The search result is now using new plant cards, aligned horizontally instead of vertically.

Plant dedicated page

Screenshot of a page dedicated to one plant

And the plant page has a completely new design and reorganization. No more broken popup for the images. The titles are taking less space to give more visibility to the data itself. The binomial names and references are moved further below.
The comment feature is disabled for now, some major changes are coming for that part as well.

Our designer - Emarson Bancud

We got some help to come up with a new design. We collaborate with Emarson Bancud, he was full of ideas and did an amazing job. We are now trying to give life to his design as close as possible.
If you need a designer, we highly recommend him.
Check his portfolio on PeoplePerHour

What's next?

What are our plans for the incoming weeks: more upgrades for the design. We still have components here and there to improve, in particular the articles.
Overall, we will try to be more consistent with the rhythm of upgrades.
We have a lot of content as well to integrate into the application and some translation in French as well to do. Some internal improvements for better performances are planned as well. It will be a busy 2021!