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Dernière mise à jour le May 28, 2021

Recently, a lot happened again on Plants for Cats. We released a second article and a second YouTube video. We kept adding plants to the referential as well as a lot of pictures. And lastly, we registered as published to Infolinks.
Let's dive into all these pieces of information.

New article and YouTube video

For our first article 10 Common Poisonous Plants for Cats, we released the related YouTube video so that people could find the information in both formats: text and video. We did the same for this second article.
This time, we listed 10 plants cats like to eat. Because cats like to eat these plants does not mean they are safe for them... so be careful, better checking the list: 10 Plants cats like to eat

New tool to create the video: DaVinci

About the video, you may notice a significant change in quality. The previous video was made using Microsoft movie maker. It is a convenient tool to quickly create a video, even if one does not have any skill. However, we were limited to implement all the ideas we had in mind.
So, in-between, we gave a try to DaVinci Resolve by Black Magic Design. We had to skill up and check many tutorials in order to implement all our effects, but the result is significantly better.
Let us know what you think and don't hesitate to share your feedback.

Publisher for Infolinks

You may have noticed some ads showing up on the website. We become a publisher on the Infolinks platform.
We wish we could provide you an Ad-free platform, but we also have bills to pay...
We will test multiple configurations in the coming days to try to find the most balanced one. Once again, any feedback will be more than welcome!