Articles et chaine Youtube sont maintenant disponibles.

Dernière mise à jour le May 28, 2021

We have been busy recently as two major events happened on Plants for Cats recently: We integrated an article mechanism and started a YouTube channel.


As you may have noticed, plants for cats is diversifying, adding more features than simply showing a list of plants. After promoting one plant a day and creating a space to discuss plants, we are not working on some articles.
Check our first article here: 10 common poisonous plants for cats.
As the title mentions, in that article we are going through a list of 10 plants that are fairly common, maybe you already have one or two in your house. But sadly, these plants are also known to be toxic for cats. More details in the article, enjoy!

Chaine YouTube

To support our articles and to share the information using different supports, we are also creating videos to summarizing our content. And nowadays, to who says video says YouTube! So yes, Plants for Cats has a channel! Check it and subscribe.
Our first video concerns the same subject as our first article, 10 common plants that are toxic to cats. Check the video.

News and Home page

If you already knew Plants for Cats in the past, you may have noticed we also reworked the home page. As we have articles and news now, we integrated them on our home page to make them accessible.
Let us know what you think about it!