Plants for Cats is the referential of plants to know which one is toxic to a cat and the symptoms to expect. And we have many features to help with that!



On the search page, the text field let you type the plant name using its scientific name, common name or nickname. The application will search the corresponding plants know in the referentiel accepting typo mistakes.


You can also explore the list of plants. Use the filter at the top to reduce the list to plants matching a term or toxicity level.


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Data quality


Each plant is referenced by its scientific name / binomial name. Additionaly, many common names and nicknames are associated so anyone can find a plant. You can confirm your result by comparing your plant with one of the many pictures we added.

Each toxic plant has a list of expected symptoms and is marked with a level of dangerousness: Safe, Low, Dangerous, or Deadly. As well, some additional information is sometimes added to provide plant specific details

The references are listed and we do our best to cross many sources


You can also read one of our articles to get ideas of plants that are recommended or the common ones to avoid.


An emergency page has been developed to gather some information and contacts details in case of your cat being poisoned.

Other projects

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